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Gala Cup Cozy Crochet Pattern

Transform your leftover yarn into practical and stylish cup cozies, perfect for creating heartfelt gifts for any occasion.

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Introducing the Gala Cup Cozy crochet pattern – a delightful design perfect for keeping your drinks warm and stylish, ideal for creating charming gifts for your loved ones.

A large cup in a crochet cup cozy and a flower.

I absolutely love this cup cozy because it allows me to whip up a lovely gift in no time, tailored perfectly to any occasion. I enjoy experimenting with colors to suit the theme of the event. Additionally, I often include some high-quality coffee grounds or a Starbucks gift card to enhance the gift. What’s even better is that this project requires only a small amount of yarn, making it a great way to tidy up my stash. It’s an ideal gift hard for teachers, coaches, and office friends.

In this blog, you’ll find all the information you need to craft this beautiful cup cozy, including the required materials and detailed, step-by-step instructions. But before we dive into it, I invite you to explore my Kitchen Essential patterns and Holiday patterns.


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Crafting Your Perfect Gala Cup Cozy

While the Gala Cup Cozy looks great in a solid color, experimenting with different color combinations that resonate with you or match your holiday colors is a fantastic idea. Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion, this pattern allows you to create a cup cozy that reflects your personal style and holiday spirit.

Moreover, cups and mugs come in various sizes, and so should your cup cozy! The pattern includes instructions to adapt the size to fit different cups perfectly. Whether you’re crafting for a standard coffee mug or a larger travel cup, your Gala Cup Cozy will be a snug fit.

A cup cozy in Valentines colors dressing a cup with a straw and a plant.

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Pattern Notes

  • This pattern is written in US Terms.
  • The skill level is intermediate.
  • For this pattern, you can use a #4 worsted weight yarn of your choice, whether it’s cotton, cotton blend, or acrylic yarns. Before you start crocheting the cup cozy, make sure to try your foundation chain for fit (details further in the pattern) or swatch your gauge as other worsted weight yarns may change the final measurement of the pattern. I used some mercerized cotton yarn I had in my stash from different brands.
  • This pattern is designed for a 19 oz cup. However, for cups of different sizes, you can adjust the pattern accordingly. Start by making a foundation chain that is a multiple of 2 and equal to the circumference of your cup. Then, follow the pattern as usual and adjust the height accordingly to fit your cup perfectly.
  • To change color, simply chain 1 with the new color after you join the round with a slip stitch, drop the old color, and continue crocheting with the new yarn.
  • For neat results, crochet over the non-working yarn in the first stitch of the round to carry them upward and avoid them from being loose on the inside.
  • Watch here: How to crochet a reverse single crochet border
A crochet piece In valentines colors with a plant.

Recommended Yarn

Colors shown

  • Camel, I will refer to it as yarn A
  • Lipstick Red I will refer to it as yarn B.
  • Ecru, I will refer to it as yarn C.


About 70 yd total

Crochet hooks

4.5 mm and G/4 mm


4” square/ 4.5 mm hook = 16 rows and 15 SC



  • CH: Chain
  • ST: Stitch
  • SL ST: Slip stitch
  • SC: Single crochet 
  • DC: Double crochet
  • BLO: Back loop only
  • YO: Yarn over
  • RSC: Reverse Single Crochet
  • SP: Space
  • Rep: Repeat
A crochet piece in Valentines colors with a plant.

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Step 1- Crochet the cup cozy

With yarn A and a 4 mm hook, CH 34 to make the foundation chain. SL ST into the 1st CH to make a circle, SC in the same CH, CH1.

Rnd 1

SC in every ST around, join with a the SL ST into the 1st SC, CH 1. The SL ST and CH1 do not count as stitches. (34)

Rnd 2-4

SC BLO in each ST around, join with a the SL ST into the1st SC, CH 1. (34). At the end of Rnd 4, change to a 4.5 mm hook.


  • Adjust the number of rows if needed if you are using another cup size.
  • For a perfect fit, change to a slightly larger hook size only if your cup is narrow at the bottom and larger at the top.

Rnd 5

*(SC, DC) in same ST as the join, skip next ST*, rep * to * around, join with a SL ST into the 1st SC, CH1 with yarn B, drop yarn A.17 (SC, DC) groups.

Rnd 6

Yarn B, (SC, DC) in same SC as the SL ST, * Skip next DC, (SC, DC) in next SC*, rep * to* around, join with a SL ST into the 1st SC, CH1 with yarn C, drop yarn B.17 (SC, DC) groups.

Note: For neat results, crochet over the non-working yarn in the first stitch of the round to carry them upward and avoid them from being loose on the inside.

Yarn C, (SC, DC) in same SC as the SL ST, * Skip next DC, (SC, DC) in next SC*, rep * to* around, join with a SL ST into the 1st SC, CH1 with yarn A, drop yarn C. 17 (SC, DC) groups.

Rnd 8-16 (or to the desired height)

Rep Rnd 5 –7, at the end of last round, cut yarn B and yarn C.

Rnd 17-20

Yarn A, SC BLO in every ST around, join with a SL ST into the 1st SC, CH1,(34). Crochet the edging next.

Step 2 – Crochet the edging

A metal tag attached to a crochet piece in Valentines color and a plant.

I used reversed single crochet stitches to crochet the top and bottom edgings skipping a stitch between the reversed single crochets.

Top edging

With the yarn still on your hook, CH1 then * insert the hook to the right into the next SC, then yarn over and draw the loop back to the front, yarn over again, and draw that loop through the two loops already on the hook, skip next ST,* repeat *to* around, finish with a SL ST into the last SC, fasten off and cut your yarn.

Bottom edging

Slip knot then SL ST into the 1st ST of the foundation chain, CH1 then crochet a reverse single crochet edging as you did with the top border, skipping 1 stitch between the reverse single crochets. Finish with a SL ST into the 1st ST, then Fasten off and cut your yarn

Step 3- Finish the cozy

  • Attach a tag using yarn A and the tapestry needle.
  • Weave in all ends.

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Congratulations on completing the Gala Cup Cozy! I love seeing your finished project! If you enjoyed making Gala Cup Cozy, I’d love to see yours on Instagram, be sure to tag me @thecrochetvillage. If you are on Facebook, stop over to The Crochet Village Community Facebook Page  and share a photo! I’d love to see your work!

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