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Hi! I’m Assia. I am the crochet addict and designer behind The Crochet Village Designs.

My journey with crocheting began at a young age, thanks to my mom, a skilled and passionate crocheter. She imparted the fundamental solid crochet techniques that paved the way for my designing journey.

In my college years and beyond, I embarked on a global exploration, immersing myself in diverse cultures and engaging with people of various languages. Despite crocheting not being at the forefront of my pursuits then, I came to realize its universal appeal, bridging gaps between individuals from all walks of life. Witnessing how this craft served as a global language, uniting people, was truly heartwarming.

Fast forward a bit, life brought the responsibilities of raising my daughter and advancing my career. This period wasn’t conducive to fully realizing my dream of establishing a global community of crochet enthusiasts—a true crochet village. Then, as fate would have it, the pandemic struck, and everything changed. I found myself immersed in yarn shops, and there was no turning back! 

As an artist and designer, I strive to create patterns that embody my contemporary and sophisticated vision, blending seamlessly with the solid and time-honored crochet techniques passed down from my mom.
With the support of my loving family and the warmth of the global crochet community, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to my craft.
I am eager to welcome each and every one of you into The Crochet Village. Let’s continue this beautiful journey together, stitching the threads of creativity and connection that unite us all.
Thank you for being a part The Crochet Village Community! ❤️
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Peppermint candy inspired crochet cup cozy with a christmas decor.

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