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Upgrade your style with vintage charm and modern flair, bringing vibrant energy to your outfit!

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Introducing the Tamara Scarf Crochet Pattern—a blend of old-school charm and modern chic. Whether you wear is casually draped or tied with flair, this simple accessory will add a touch of sophistication and personality to your look.

I couldn’t resist trying out this yarn when I saw it, and as I started making a scarf for my daughter, I was delighted by how well the colors blended together. The end result? A gorgeous scarf that my daughter absolutely loves. She threw it on with jeans and a white shirt, and she looks fabulous.

I understand that these vibrant colors might not be for everyone, but don’t worry! If you prefer something more low-key, this scarf looks great in a single, muted color too. If you decide to make one, I’d love to see the colors you choose for your Tamara scarf, so please remember to share!


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Best yarn choice for this pattern

I used a #3 lightweight yarn for the Tamara scarf so it hangs nicely when worn. You can easily wrap it around your neck or tie it in a knot. If you prefer a more textured scarf, go for a thicker yarn like a #4 worsted weight. Just adjust your foundation chain following the stitch count for the repeat included in the pattern, adjust the length of your scarf to your liking, and use the recommended hook size for your yarn. For blankets, a bulky #5 yarn is an excellent choice. It works up fast and makes a cozy, chunky blanket.

Wave Stitch: Simple Yet Elegant

When I use colorful variegated yarn in a project, I prefer to keep my stitches simple. I don’t want a complicated stitch to distract from the beauty of the yarn, and make the end result look too busy or messy. So, after trying out a few stitches, I settled on the wave stitch! It’s super easy with just a one-row repeat, making it perfect for even beginners. I love how it adds a nice texture to the scarf, giving it a clean and simple look. I’ve used it in all sorts of things, from washcloths to blankets and even bags. Take a look at my Caramel Bag below, featuring the wave stitch from my Bag Collection.

Blue crochet messenger bag with beads
Caramel Crossbody Bag Crochet Pattern.

Embellishing the Tamara Scarf

This scarf is perfect just the way it is, no need for a fancy border, tassels, or fringe in my opinion. I included instructions for an interesting fringe to give you options and add a fun vintage vibe to the scarf, but trust me, it’s not necessary at all.

A colorful crochet scarf with a fringe.

Let’s jump right in! This blog has all the information you need to create your own Tamara scarf. If you have any questions as you go through the process, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Remember to explore my Hat & Scarf collection for more inspiration.

Pattern support

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Pattern Notes

  • The Tamara Scarf Crochet Pattern in written in US terminology.
  • Skill level needed: Confident beginner.
  • Size of the Scarf: 7 1/2 “/ 62”.
  • For other sizes: make your foundation chain a multiple of five plus one, then crochet to the desired length.

Recommended yarn

Premier ColorFusion DKYarn, #3 light weight yarn, Color shown: Vintage.

For best results, use the recommended yarn whenever it’s possible.

Yarn substitution


 About 540 yd

Crochet hook

(G) 4mm crochet hook.


  • Tag: Faux leather tags
  • Tapestry needle: to weave in ends.
  • 8 ½” long cardboard for the tassels (optional)


4”square=16 SC and 18 rows


  • CH: Chain
  • ST: Stitch
  • SL ST: Slip stitch
  • HDC: Half double crochet
  • BLO: Back loop only
  • Rep: Repeat

Prefer An AD-Free Printable PDF?

Enjoy this delightful pattern ad-free as a printable PDF by purchasing it at your convenience, for a small fee from The Crochet Village Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Step 1 – Crochet the scarf

CH 36 to make a foundation chain.

Row 1:

SL ST in 2nd CH from the hook, SL ST in next 4 CH, *HDC in next 5 CH, SL ST in next 5 CH*, rep *to* across, CH1, turn. (35)

Row 2:

*SL ST BLO in next 5 ST, HDC BLO in next 5 ST*, rep *to* across ending with SL ST BLO in next 4 ST, SL ST in last ST *, CH1, turn. (35)

Row 3 – 4:

*HDC BLO in next 5 ST, SL ST BLO in next 5 ST,*, rep *to* across ending with HDC BLO in next 4 ST, HDC in last ST *, CH1, turn. (35)

Row 5 – 6:

*SL ST BLO in next 5 ST, HDC BLO in next 5 ST*, rep *to* across ending with SL ST BLO in next 4 ST, SL ST in last ST *, CH1, turn. (35)

Row 7- 260 or to the desired length:

Rep Row 3-6.

A colorful crochet scarf.

Step 2- Make the tassels (optional)

**A full photo tutorial is available in the paid version of the pattern**

  • Wrap the yarn around an 8 1/2-inch-wide piece of cardboard 32 times, then cut it at one end.
  • For each edge of the scarf, you will make 5 fringes. Three fringes will use 4 strands each, and two fringes will use 2 strands each.
  • Fold 4 strands of yarn (2 strands only for both ends) in half and use a crochet hook to pull them through the scarf. Make a knot by pulling the end through the loop. You can watch this tutorial on How to add fringe to the scarf.if needed. Refer to the picture for placement.
  • Take the first 4 strands and 4 strands from the following fringe and make a knot. Then, take the remaining 4 strands and add them to the next four strands to make a knot. Repeat this process to the end.
  • Trim the fringe evenly.
  • Cut and weave in all loose ends of yarn and attach a tag.

🤝 Sharing is caring!

I love seeing your finished projects! If you enjoyed making Tamara’s Scarf, I’d love to see yours on Instagram, be sure to tag me @thecrochetvillage. If you are on Facebook, stop over to The Crochet Village Community Facebook Page  and share a photo!

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