Candy Corn Bag ~ Free Crochet Pattern

Fall Free Crochet Pattern: Create Your Own Candy Corn Pouch for Perfect Autumn Decor and Seasonal Treats.

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Introducing the Candy Corn Bag Crochet Pattern—a simple and fun project to add charm to your fall decorations. Fill it with candies and proudly display it during the autumn season for a touch of sweetness in your home.

A crochet pouch in white, orange and yellow color yarns.

I enjoy incorporating crochet into every holiday and occasion. Whether it’s crafting gifts or decorations, crochet is always part of the fun. I often use leftover yarn for my projects so it’s even better. Last year, I was inspired by the colors of candy corn and made a drawstring bag the Candy Corn bag. It held candies for Halloween, but this year, I’ll fill it with cinnamon sticks and herbal senses to infuse my home with fall aromas. I’m also thinking of making mini bags with this pattern to gift to my daughter’s volleyball teammates. It’s become a tradition to surprise them with a handmade gift at the end of each season.

Designed to be beginner-friendly, this pattern is a joy to create and incredibly versatile. By simply changing the colors, you can adapt it to fit any holiday or occasion theme. For instance, red, green, and white would make a beautiful Christmas gift bag. As for yarn choice, I used worsted weight cotton yarn, but acrylic or acrylic blend would work just as well. 

In this pattern you will find all the materials and instructions to make your own Candy Corn bag. Let’s dive in!

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Recommended Yarn for The Candy Corn Bag

I Love This Cotton yarn, # worsted weight cotton yarn.

Colors Shown:

  • White (100 yards)
  • Curry (240 yards): I will refer to it as yellow yarn
  • Bruschetta (40 yards): I will refer to it as orange yarn.

Note: Feel free to use cotton blend or acrylic yarn.


380 yards total

Crochet Hooks

  • 3.5 mm for the base
  • 4.5 mm for the body


4”square/4.5 mm hook = 17 rows and 16 SC


Crocheted drawstring candy corn inspired pouch


  • CH: Chain
  • ST: Stitch
  • SL ST: Slip stitch
  • SC: Single crochet
  • BLO: Back loop only
  • YO: Yarn over
  • Rnd: Round
  • Rep: Repeat.

Pattern support

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Step 1- Crochet the Base

Use a 3.5 mm and the yellow yarn to make a magic circle

Rnd 1

8 HDC in the circle, join with a SL ST into the 1st ST, CH1.(8)

Rnd 2

2 HDC in each ST around, join with a SL ST into the 1st  HDC, CH1. (16) (use a ST marker)

Rnd 3

*2 HDC in next ST, HDC in next ST,* rep *to* around, join with a SL ST into 1st HDC, CH1. (24)

Rnd 4

*2 HDC in next ST, HDC in next 2 ST,* rep *to* around, join with a SL ST into 1st HDC, CH1.(32)

Rnd 5

*2 HDC in next ST, HDC in next 3 ST,* rep *to* around, join with a SL ST into the 1st HDC, CH1. (40)

Rnd 6

*2 HDC in next ST, HDC in next 4 ST,* rep *to* around, join with a SL ST into the 1st HDC, CH1.(48)

Rnd 7

*2 HDC in next ST, HDC in next 5 ST,* rep *to* around, join with a SL ST into the 1st HDC, CH1. (56)

Rnd 8

*2 HDC in next ST, HDC in next 6 ST,* rep *to* around, join with a SL ST into the 1st HDC, CH1. (64)

Rnd 9

*2 HDC in next ST, HDC in next 7 ST,* rep *to* around, join with a SL ST into the 1st HDC, CH1. (72)

Rnd 10

*2 HDC in next ST, HDC in next 8 ST,* rep *to* around, join with a SL ST into the 1st HDC, CH1. (80)

Rnd 11

*2 HDC in next ST, HDC in next 9 ST,* rep *to* around, join with a SL ST into the 1st HDC, CH1.(88)

Rnd 12

SC in BLO in every ST around. (88)

Change to a 4.5 mm hook. To avoid the seam, crochet continuously next rounds (feel free to join the rounds with a SL ST and CH1 if you prefer)

Note: For a different size bag, add or remove one or more rounds from the base then adjust the height if needed.

Candy Corn inspired crocheted bag

Step 2- Crochet the Bag

This bag is crocheted in continuous rounds to avoid the seam. Use a ST marker to mark the beginning of the rounds and move it up every round. Use a 4.5 mm hook and keep your tension nice and even.

Rnd 1

Skip the SL ST, SC in the next ST (use a ST marker here), *CH1, skip next ST, SC in next ST,* rep *to* around. Crochet continuously next Rnd

Rnd 2

*SC in next CH1 space, CH1,* rep *to* around. [Add white yarn in last ST, drop yellow yarn]

Rnd 3-28

Rep Rnd 2 and change colors in the beginning of the rounds following the color  sequence below. Drop the old color then crochet continuously next Rnd.

Colors sequence:

  • Rnd 1-2: Yellow
  • Rnd 3: White
  • Rnd 4-5: Yellow
  • Rnd 6: White
  • Rnd 7-8: Yellow
  • Rnd 9: White (cut yellow yarn and add orange)
  • Rnd 10-11: Orange
  • Rnd 12: White
  • Rnd 13-14: Orange
  • Rnd 15: White
  • Rnd 16-17: Orange (cut orange yarn)
  • Rnd 18- 28 : White.

Rnd 29

(drawstring round) *Skip next ST, SC BLO in next ST, CH1* rep *to* around

Rnd 30-40

Rep Rnd 2. Finish last Rnd with a SL ST in next ST, CH1 then crochet the edging.

Crocheted Candy Corn inspired bag

Step 3- Crochet the edging

I used Reverse SC or Crab ST to crochet the edging. Instead of working from right to left, you work from left to right.

Edging:* Insert the hook to the right into the next CH1 space then yarn over and draw the loop back to the front, yarn over again, and draw that loop through the two loops already on the hook.* That’s 1 Reverse SC. Repeat from *to*  around, join with a SL ST, Fasten off.

Candy Corn Inspired Crocheted Bag

Step 4- Finish the bag~Make the base firm(optional)

  • Crochet another base (you may also use fabric interfacing instead)
  • Turn the bag inside out then place the 2nd base on top of the 1st one.
  • With yellow yarn and tapestry needle, sew both bases together all the way around, one ST at the time.
  • Attach the tag using a tapestry needle and the yellow yarn.
  • Cut and weave in all ends.

Step 5 – Sharing is caring!🤝

I would love to see your version of this pattern. I invite you to share step-by-step progress, color choices, and the final result of the Candy Corn Bag with The Crochet Village Community on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s inspire each other and celebrate the joy of crafting together!

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